Thursday, August 31, 2006

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"I know this is difficult for you but you have to believe what I am telling you or you may have a big mess to deal with later on."

I placed myself on my knees on either side of her head, facing forward. I reached back to spread my taut-cheeked buttocks and lowered my own excited pucker to her waiting nose. As the tip touched that hirsute bud she gasped with the smell. As a special treat for my lovely I forsook to cleanse myself that day. Slowly, slowly, I pressed tighter onto her until the tip penetrated the slightest bit. There I rested while treating her nipples to a savage tweaking, sparing not my sharpened nails, and rubbing my rough skinned tool with the soft skin of her inner breasts.

To prove her wrong, Trevor lay back on the bed and rolled to pin Leanna's delectable, squirming form beneath him. He captured both her wrists in one of his hands and easily held them above her head on the mattress, while his other hand returned to its mission of dispensing with the remainder of her buttons. When he bared her breasts to his gaze, they were both panting raggedly.

She kissed her way down to my cock and began sucking on it with such care and love. I rubbed and squeezed her tit by stretching my arms. Then she blew my mind off when she got up and lied next to me on my pillow.

Dave took the camera's back with him, and congratulated Charlie on her handiwork.

Jenny was on the prowl. She had purposely situated herself close to the bar, where the majority of the guys were hanging out It wasn't five minutes after she had sprawled her barely-clad self on a lounger that the drinks began to arrive. From the gentleman with the white hat… from the gentleman with the red trunks… and hello… from the gentleman in the white trunks. A bold young gentleman he was, brazenly showing off his tanned physique in white, bikini trunks.

"Yeah, I doubt that she'd be very popular in Peoria," he said.

That playground must have been a very special, protected place for the children who attended the school, but today the playground equipment, which is still in place as though waiting for children to answer the recess bell, is overgrown by 5' high weeds, the iron fittings on the swings and other equipment now streaked with rust, the wood on the seesaw splitting and cracking from years of uninterrupted south Texas sun. There are fire ant mounds throughout the silent play area, and ticks wait fruitlessly on top of weed stalks for unwary passers-by. But this story isn't about the speed trap cop, nor fire ants, nor the little Texas town of Premont, and not really even about the school. It's about something else altogether.

"You took some great photos Tony, they would look great on the net," Mandy announced.

He knew from watching her she would be close to cumming by now. He began to stroke himself faster, his breathing ragged. He noticed her hand movements stroking her pussy increased to match his own.

"I promise I'm going to fuck you like there's no tomorrow. Please..." I had him. Steve was over the edge, needing to cum. His cock was twitching, the head almost scarlet in color. I smiled at him, relaxed my throat, opened my mouth and took him down to the base.

"What are you doing?" I asked. She responded by pressing her big lips against my face. I felt smothered. Pretending to be disgusted, I pushed her aside. She giggled again.

When the music stopped, I thought that would probably be the end of it, she’d certainly given me more than enough pleasure to cover any discomfort from the previous night, but then a new piece started up, one slower and more sensual, and Jennifer again moved to stand in front of me, gyrating slowly, her arms lifted above her head, thrusting her firm young breasts forward as she arched her back. Then her arms dropped slowly, her hands brushing down the side of her body, then back up to cup her breasts, leaning forward and almost offering them to me. I felt, more than heard the slight groan of lust that came from me as I stared at her magnificent young breasts, then her hands slid once more down over her stomach and sides and hooked into the waist band of her skirt, and as I watched, totally mesmerized, she eased the elasticated waist band down over her hips very slowly and sensually until gravity took control and the skirt dropped into a puddle at her feet.

"MOM!" I exclaimed. "Stop it. If you want to leave you can. It is your choice." My dick was getting hard, looking at her huge tits. Her hands reached for her bra clasp, and undid it. Wow, her tits her huge, her areolas big and pink, and her nipples were hard. She glanced my way, and I said, "Finish it!" She reach down, and pulled off her panties, showing me the neatly trimmed bush of brown hair between her legs.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered against her skin.

"I guess we've been gone awhile. There are a few empty wine coolers by the sink." Dave chuckled.

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